Our vision is to create a central focal point for village life

which will act as a catalyst to reignite the economy

and sense of community in Holbrook. We also want to help make Holbrook a destination and bring tourists to our beautiful Amber Valley



The Spotted Cow has been a thriving pub in the past. Bringing The Spotted Cow into community ownership will ensure the success and sustainability of the business by enabling the community to develop the facilities to meet their needs, rather than serving the financial demands of disinterested owners. Community ownership will also ensure the business works alongside existing village businesses rather than competing directly with them.


We intend to create a community owned asset in the heart of the village to incorporate the pub, the post office, a café, and bed and breakfast.


Based on the record of The Spotted Cow under earlier owners; the principle of housing several services under one roof; the success of nearby village pubs; and the success of other co-operative pubs this is a good business proposition.  Whilst all commercial activities carry risk we believe this community venture is the best way to safeguard the pub for the future. 


Since 2004 not oone community owned pub has closed down!


Contact us at holbrookcommunitysociety@gmail.com



Business Plan (pdf/2.2MB)
Download Business Plan (pdf/2.2MB)


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